On what I love most

Oh yeah, cat post! Why? Because I can.

I was reading an article about the ethics of ear tipping (the process by which they mark neutered feral cats before they release them back into the “wild”) and it got me thinking about Carlos. and moths.

Moths. I’m not big on moths. But Carlos is. He’s so quick and agile as he does his predator stuff. I’m not big on killing either, but watching him hunt is fascinating. He’s so focused, so intent. And deadly.

The other night, Mike and I got so wrapped up in trying to chase down a moth for Carlos that he first got scared and then lost interest. So the two of us wasted about ten minutes of our night only to turn around and realize that the cat had walked out of the room and we’d lost the moth. Excellent work, team. I think I’ll leave bug catching to the professional from now on.



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