On Women, truthfully.

Since I have a janky internet connection reminiscent of early aughts dial-up (was it really that recently?), I can’t stream too many things at once and therefore can’t check the link above. But my intention was to google “verizon commercial mom and daughter” and I think I’ve arrived at the right one.

Maybe you’ve seen it already: A mom and daughter are crying at a Verizon store. The daughter is moving away (4.2 miles away, to be exact, weeps the mother), and they’re getting phones equipped with GPS so they’ll still be close to each other.

Mike and I were watching that commercial, and I launched into a short-lived diatribe* about how women are portrayed in the media today and how it’s unfair to classify us all as weak, emotional beings.

“But it’s true!” Mike interrupted, before proceeding to do a sadly accurate impression of me sobbing my eyes out when I left for college. (that moment – or rather those hours – will haunt me forever.)

And he’s not wrong.

*diatribe – You know how Jacob and I play that game where you get points if you use words incorrectly? Well here’s the facebook thread that makes it impossible for me to hear the word diatribe and not laugh:

Jacob Wood posted to  Katie Barry
Last night in a bar, I heard a woman say, “you’ll have a diatribe of women come after you”. Is it possible to die of points?·

1 thought on “On Women, truthfully.

  1. I hate that commercial also. Just because a stereotype has some merit, doesn’t mean you should exploit it in such a one dimensional way. And for the record, this stereotype doesn’t have any merit. I am emotional, yet that doesn’t make me a woman. Just because you’re emotional doesn’t define females as overly emotional.

    I think you should stick with your gut instinct. That commercial is offensive.

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