About Katie

I’m a Denver native who spent four years living in Chicago during college before venturing to Cape Town, South Africa and eventually returning to Colorado. I am a lover of adventure, red wine, city life, and the ocean (the last of which, sadly, you cannot find anywhere near Colorado). I majored in Communication Studies with minors in Sociology, English, and Women’s Studies and Gender Studies and graduated from Loyola University Chicago.

I’m interested in social issues, politics, hip hop, feminism, human sexuality, the plight of the Millennial generation – particularly the post-collegiate years of struggle in which I am currently ensconced, acrobatic yoga, my cat, pretty things, pineapple curry, snowboarding, travel, and too much more to list.

I imagine that I will never be bored. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I am not a woman; I’m a force of nature.” – Courtney Love

Baby Katie

I accidentally adopted a cat once. His name is Carlos. He has an attitude (I guess “like mother, like son” rings true here) and is a joy to have around. His addiction to wet cat food is expensive. I write about him often, because I never imagined it was possible to love something so much.

Black cat on pillow


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