On Cute Kids Doing Cuter Things

Awww, this story is really sweet. Grandma, I’d do the same thing for you!!

The best part about this is that he blames getting lost on not having GPS.

2-Year-Old Noah Joel Rides Toy Bike 3 Miles To See Sick Grandmother In Hamelin, Germany

Posted: 05/ 1/2012 3:31 pm Updated: 05/ 2/2012 2:00 am

Noah Joel

A tenacious toddler from Hamelin (Hameln), Germany gave his mother a terrific shock when he bicycled across town by himself to visit his sick grandmother, the Daily Express reports.

Two-year-old Noah Joel’s mother thought he was playing in his room when the tiny toddler gave her the slip.

“He is a very determined, confident little boy. He was worried about his grandmother and wanted to do something about it,” a family friend told the German Herald.

So, with his backpack filled with his favorite candy, Noah hopped on his toy bicycle and set off to see his ailing granny who is in the hospital.

According to a press release by local police, the little guy’s solo journey did not go totally unnoticed. Police said they received several concerned calls claiming that a seemingly lost toddler had been seen criss-crossing the same road several times.

Noah’s frantic mother, having discovered his mysterious disappearance, had also called the police in search of her son.

Police finally intercepted the boy, but not before the tiny tot had covered three miles on his little bike, the German Herald reports.

“He didn’t really know the way to the hospital. But he blamed that on his bike for not being fitted with SAT NAV,” said a police spokesperson,referring to Satellite Navigation.

When police caught up with him, they saw that Noah didn’t even have shoes on, the Daily Express reports.

source: here 


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