On Intuition

I slept fitfully last night. There was too much on my mind for my brain to settle into the contemplative sleep that I so hoped would fall over me.

Life is not an easy journey.

Learning that there is no black and white, only shades of gray, has not provided the clarity that I seek. Logic is applied selectively, situationally. The rest is emotion, clouding judgement and perception while simultaneously preventing objective reasoning.

But even when I think that I’ve reached a point of logical and emotional balance, I’m reminded that it all comes down to perception. And the whirlwind of possibility overwhelms me until I’m able to force myself to breathe and trust my intuition.

We’re all blind. To remember that we’re all just as lost as the person next to us is humbling, humanizing, realistic. There is only your own knowledge. Your own knowledge of the truth is a valuable tool, as long as it’s a consistent one. I’ve long relied on mine and it’s usually a pretty good indicator of everything. Emphasis on usually.

Today’s HBR Management Tip of the Day reinforces intuition as a beautiful thing.

MAY 2, 2012
Trust Your Gut
Most of us are taught to defer to authority. As a result, we tend to disregard our internal compasses. But your instincts are often right. Here is how to counter your conditioning and question authority:

  • Listen to your inner voice. Take a moment to breathe and consider what is going on. Ask yourself, “Are there other ways to approach this assignment?”
  • Constructively question. Ask your boss, customer, or client: Why do we do it this way? Would you be open to different ways? Can we experiment?
  • Reflect. Whether you’ve followed along or pushed for an alternative, think about what happened. Remember what it felt like to go against authority and think about how you might handle it differently in the future.
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