On the weekend…

I definitely caught whatever Mike had last week. 
Flu-like symptoms caused me to cancel a date and babysitting Friday night. E covered for me on the babysitting and had quite a time of it, so I definitely owe her a giant favor at some point in the future. 
I slept all night Friday, most of the day Saturday, and then found myself at family dinner and then E’s Halloween Party. I was miserable until K was gracious enough to dig some cold medicine out of her purse, at which point the night became bearable. 
It was really nice to see everyone.
E did the decorations and they looked amazing. I kept getting tangled up in cobwebs. The party was a hit and nothing got too crazy. Perfect. 
At one point during the evening, K, E and I looked around and realized that we were the only girls at the party wearing pants. Literally. Everyone else was in a skirt or leotard of some sort. It was a little bit funny. 
I did see one girl with an adorable Snow White costume that I wanted, but best costume of the night goes to our friend Ryan who went as a gender identity crisis. He committed to it by shaving one half of his beard, carrying what he called “a vodka purse,” and painting the nails on one hand. It was impressive – he super glued women’s clothes to men’s clothes to create the juxtaposition of the genders. 
I was a caterer, K was a lost boy, and E was a “smartypants”
By the end of the evening, my button down was crumpled in the corner, K’s hipster feathers were demolished and E’s pants had lost most of the Smarties candies glued to them. 
Rough but excellent. 

Could she be any more adorable? My dinner helper. 
Wearing a sweet coat. 

Mike’s costume was a hit. 

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