On Bullshit


It’s always the same conversation. You’re at a bar. It’s happy hour. You’re holding a gin and tonic that you wish you could just drink in peace. The people around you are annoying or maybe they’re only that way because you’re annoyed. Whatever.

You start talking to someone. Blah blah blah, my name is so and so, who are you, what do you do? I realize that the career question is important for gauging quite a bit of information about a person, but it’s also the biggest chance for filler. Some people immediately jump into a detailed description, including that inflated job title. Some people are more demure. Some pretend to be interested in what you do.

The responses are all bullshit. 

I spend most of my happy hour conversations bullshitting right along with them and listening to people drop their technical terms like it’s going to make them sound, seem, or even be more important. (I did just begin to type “impotent”, I wonder if that was my subconscious trying to make a point.)

I love the implied importance, the illusion of grandeur, the self-delusion.

This is where successful people are forged. Either you can hack it as a bullshitter or you can’t. Your ability to bullshit directly correlates to your ability to work under pressure. It’s not a bad quality; it’s just funny that so much of the human race relies on it for basic communication.

P.S. I was at Target a few months ago and there was a little girl (seriously, no more than four years old) walking down the aisle just whispering “bullshit, bullshit, bullshit” under her breath. It was so adorable. But it made me worry about her media consumption/home environment. 

My boss is super rad. We were demonstrating our product for a potential client last week, and when the guy on the other end made a couple of disparaging remarks about women, my boss stepped up and told him to watch it. Considering that I work in an office full of women, he’s probably used to doing it without thinking anything of it, but I think it’s awesome that he was willing to stand up for us and other women. 

Also, your song of today is a remix of a beautiful indie song.
It’s called Skinny Love and it’s by Bon Iver.


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