Cat and keys and everything else.

Oh my. It has been a wild week indeed.

After the fiasco that was the plane ticketing, I got a last minute babysitting gig. Thinking, yeah, I’ll be fiscally responsible; I won’t go play trivia; this is going to be alright….

And so I went.

And then my keys got flushed down the toilet by a 2 year old.

And now I’m out more money than I made.

On the upside, I bought Cat a little harness and leash. We went for a walk today. I don’t know that it was necessarily a walk; it involved a lot of him rolling around in dirt and wandering around smelling things. But I think he was happy about being able to be outside. Taking him inside was like taking a toddler home from the park. There was sad cat meowing and a hesitancy to climb the stairs. But at least he got to go out.

Exhaustion. More of this later.


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