Details of nothing

Much apologies for the delay: this has indeed been the week of all things crazy.

However, today I am going to take some deep breaths, go for a bike ride and do some laundry. Perhaps I shall even read a book for fun.
I slept late, probably an indicator that I should not stay out until three in the morning.
It was a weird night. I drank a bottle of wine and felt only anxious, tense, out of place. It wasn’t pleasant drunk, or really even any drunk at all, just a disconnected reality growing in front of me. I talked and talked, and there was talking and maybe some laughter, but I wanted to go home.
And so finally I did.
Checking the mail at 3 am is something you do when you’re expecting a special envelope from the state of Colorado, but alas, I have never been so disappointed to see the Economist in my life. There it was. That and the RCN (cable) bill.
I was happy to curl up with Cat and sleep.
Lately, he’s been a better snuggler. He now has a spot right by my shoulder that he curls up in and then I wrap my arm around him and he buries his head in my hand. It’s adorable, to say the least. Currently, he’s stomping around my bed trying to get comfortable. Yesterday, he sighed the cutest cat sigh ever.  He loves to walk all over my computer keyboard, probably just to annoy me. Perhaps today I’ll take him for another walk and let him get some exercise.

Alas, school is winding to a close. The graduation party is going to be a wildly informal affair: we’re going to do it at like 11am on the Saturday after graduation (so it will be the day after, May 15) at Maddie’s apartment. There’s a picnic table area in the back of the apartment next door and we’re just going to do some chair arranging, etc. and get dip and trays.

But yes. Last night I had Ethiopian food for the first time. I disliked the bread, but I really enjoyed what I ordered, which I’m assuming is standard fare the world over, beef with peppers and onions. You are served the food in a large, round metal dish. The bottom of the dish is covered in a spongy, flat bread. On top of the bread is piles of food. And so you rip a piece of bread (there are also separate servings of the bread) and then use it as if it was a utensil to eat the food.
Delicious, but I found that I’d prefer to eat the food without the bread. It was a bit sour for my taste.

Surviving the week, but pulling in with a lost cell phone charger, I’ve found that perhaps I’m going to attempt to stay away from all things mechanical this week.
Bike rather than car, etc.

I fixed my bike all by myself! (It has no front brakes, btw. No one told me that last summer….good thing I checked before I started riding.) I took off the back tire and had to deal with the chain and replacing a tire, etc. all of which are things I’ve never done before! Feeling incredibly proud of myself at the moment, don’t judge me.
It’s something, right?

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