I should like to buy a new camera.

I’ve been holding off since my last (how many have we been through now? 4?) camera broke on Halloween. Usually, it’s my fault (sand, it getting stolen at a bar, more sand…) but this time it was nobody’s fault and that upset me. I take responsibility (I don’t know why, it’s my own sense of responsibility to myself, I guess) and then buy a new one. But this time I held off.

Now that I’m realizing that my time here is numbered (cue heavy melodramatic music), I’m wanting to document my life here. My college-self isn’t necessarily dying, but she’s being pushed aside for real-life-grown-up-Katie and I’m nervous to lose the things that I love here. My routine. The funny things I see every day. My neighborhood.

And I’ve realized that the very first thing I buy when I graduate (because I’ll still be here, still be in school, but at least I’ll have the hopes of summer in my mind and heart) will be a new camera. That way I can document my life here and keep it safe.
I miss picture blogs, and I hope you do too.

I’m not going to buy a point and shoot and I’m not going to buy a super nice one either, I’m going to go straight down the middle. Perhaps a digital with a nice lens?

Also, it snowed today in Chicago. That was lame. A little cold. A little tired. This week stretches on, but I’m excited to get to Denver tomorrow. It will be a quick break and then a quicker slide to graduation. And then a break, for which I will be back in Denver for the obligatory doctor’s appointments and settlement figured out, and then summer classes and then home.

Where is home?

I want to travel. I want to pick up and go somewhere. South America?


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