Post-Halloween update

I ended up going as Goldilocks after she got mauled by the three bears. That night, while Emily and I were doing our makeup and getting ready, the power went out in our apartment, so we ended up having to do all of the fake blood while sitting in the hall. It was excellent. I found that dress for $12 at a thrift store and couldn’t help but buy the wig even if it is absolutely atrocious. The dress, however, will be making appearances at holiday parties, so expect to see more of it soon. It is awesome. It’s an ’80s prom dress complete with puffy sleeves and a ruffled bodice thing (the dress is a size too small for my frame) and then a huge skirt that ends at the knee in front and ends at my calves in the back. It’s epic.
Ian and I went to the first party and hung out with some friends and then went back to pick up Emily to head to the Driver’s Ed Mutiny wrap party with Hunter and Kyle. That was fun. We all had a great night, for the most part. I ended up meeting a bunch of people I didn’t really know and talking to them for a long time. Hunter went dressed as the girl character from the movie, so he was wearing a teal A-shirt and tight girl jeans. Ian went as Shaun of the Dead (it’s a movie, you’ve most likely never heard of it). Kyle was Two-Face. Emily was a fifties woman/Stepford wife.
The next morning, I had to drive downtown to appear for the third time in the movie. This time, they needed a picture of girls changing so that they can use it as blackmail for the driver’s ed teacher. Don’t ask. I got into my workout gear and went down and hung out downtown for a little bit in the men’s locker room of Roosevelt University’s gym. And don’t worry, it’s just my back. They’ve already seen my face in the movie, so it couldn’t be shown again.
Then I went home and Hunter and I just spent a lazy Saturday watching football and bumming around the house. It was really nice. He made me dinner (macaroni and cheese, nice) and then we went back over to his house and watched Seinfeld.
Emily’s show opens this week, so I’ll be there for opening night.
I won’t be able to get pictures of tomorrow night, which is super lame, because I don’t have my camera at the moment. (I left it at one of the Halloween parties and should be getting it back sometime this week).

GO VOTE!!! Don’t forget. I’ll be in Grant Park tomorrow night as part of the giant overflow crowd expected to support Barack Obama. It should be a good time. Something tells me that ballet on Wednesday isn’t going to be fun.

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