Aunt Sally sent the most wonderful Halloween package full of plastic containers (which I never have enough of), cookies, candy, napkins and a super sweet little Halloween candle holder.
Mom sent a bike lock, some decorations, mints, and other stuff, which is always nice.

I did my friend Kyle’s makeup today for his Halloween costume. He is going as Two-Face, a character from Batman who has had half of his face burnt off/destroyed. So we used Hunter’s stage latex and created a textured face and then I threw some old sort of dried liquid foundation on, topped that with lipstick and then used Hunter’s stage makeup to create a burned face. It looked so sweet. The final look was a little darker than the one in the picture, with more black and spots. He works at Borders and he texted me tonight and told me that I am awesome (obviously) and that people thought he was an actual burn victim
I wont be able to punctuate the rest of this entry as Emilys computer has something wrong with it and I just hit the wrong button but I am going as Goldilocks who got mauled by the three bears tonight
I have a black dress that i got for twelve dollars and a nasty blonde wig
pictures soon
better blog entry with punctuation soon


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