Pictures of the apartment….finally

Well here it is: my humble home. I’m sorry it’s messy. I may have found a place for my car over the winter; I found a garage sale in an alley right next to my house that looked like it didn’t have any cars in it and I put my number down for a possible garage spot. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?!
I used Grandma Mary’s beaters from the 70s today. We made the cookies that she sent. I’m super domestic, I am realizing. I love to cook and just hang out around the house. It’s nice. We’ve made steak and mashed potatoes, salads, corn, cookies, bagels…everything. There’s a sense of organization to it all, it’s gradually coming together.
We stole the boys’ Mr. Potato Head (a.k.a. Spider Spud) and have been sending ransom notes all day via picture message. I may upload them at some point because they are clever.
We start school tomorrow. I only have one class tomorrow, Ballet.

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