I love this city. There is nothing more exhilarating than knowing that you’re in such a crowded metropolitan area.
We drive down Lake Shore Drive, surrounded by concrete and people, the lake and lush green parks.
It’s a beautiful place, full of ideas and madness. It’s chaotic and terrifying and wondrous and lovely all at once.

My class schedule is as follows:

Monday- Ballet- 1-2:15

Tuesday- Social Justice & Communication- 1-2:15; Logic 2:30-3:45; Introduction to Cinema- 4:15-7:45

Wednesday- Ballet- 1-2:15; Advanced Writing: Autobiography- 2:45-5:15

Thursday- Social Justice & Communication- 1-2:15; Logic 2:30-3:45; some sociology class called contemporary society -4:15-6:45

Friday- FREEDOM!

It’s 17 credit hours and I’m pretty sure that all of the classes (except maybe contemporary society) will count toward major, minors, and core.

It was an interesting weekend and I am still attempting to get everything in my little life back together. My room is unorganized; I am sleeping on the futon still; the mattress will be arriving on Friday. I am negotiating with two different women about babysitting in the area, one in Evanston and one here in Rogers Park. The children are relatively young, but it’s nothing I can’t handle. It would be nice to have a steady stream of cash and not have to be tied down to any certain job.
I need to bring my grades up this semester, and logic seems like it’s going to get me pretty hard. It’s not something I understand to begin with, and the teacher is about as exciting as….there are actually no comparisons.
But film class seems exciting. The professor is super psyched to be teaching the class and the films that we’ll be watching seem exciting.
Who knows. Ballet is not going to be fun. I was informed that looking bored (one of my specialties) will result in a lower grade. Well great. This seems interesting.

haha, happy fall semester 2008. It promises to be wild and terrible and lonely and wonderful and crazy and funny and mind-blowing (both intellectually and life changing). hopefully in a good way.

Emily is wonderful. The roommate thing is great. We are so compatible.

I just did out all of the calculations, and to graduate with a major in Communication Studies and minors in Women’s Studies and Gender Studies, English and Journalism, I only have to take 13 (possibly 14 with the CORE curriculum, depending on if my credits transfer from Metro) more classes.
That means that I will graduate on time! And, I will get to take more classes in the communication field. But yay! I take five to six classes each semester, so these can all be accomplished by spring semester 2010. Yes! I actually had no idea if everything was going to fit in when I scheduled things this semester, but ironically, it all fits perfectly and counts.

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