Still sleeping on the futon….

We finished cleaning, scrubbing, mopping, sweeping, slowly doing the dishes, dusting, packing, putting all of it away and then we sat down for a second and admired our work. It looked nearly the exact same as it had before the cleaning had begun.
We broiled steaks and made salad and mashed potatoes, Fredie would be proud because we didn’t even use the instant ones.
Cookies and milk followed with a favorite tv show. And now preparations are underway to embrace the night, merriment and friends, hopefully new friends too, a Loyola party with old Loyola friends.
I switched my classes around for the simple selfish reason that I want to have no classes on Fridays. And so it is that way. I will post it later; it seems impossible and none of them are regular classes, they switch days and times and float around and it feels like I’ll never know exactly when I need to be somewhere.
The phone has been ringing nonstop. I get the reason behind the no-call list now.
All is quiet.
I am exhausted, life is something best lived at full throttle yet it’s always a pleasure to just sit and be.

We made a large Costco run. No going to the store for anything except milk, eggs, bread and fruit until all of it is gone.
We’ll see how long that takes.

Peace to all.

Also, I am probably a better parallel parker than you. There was a bad day that involved me bumping three cars and since then, it has just happened beautifully. Emily gets out and guides and when I step out there are mere inches between me and both the cars that I am sandwiched between and there has been no impact. It’s amazing. Self-esteem boosting, oddly enough.

Fruitypants is at college. And too busy to call me back. But I’m excited for him. I cried for a second last night because Mom is all alone and Mike is all alone and I am too, sort of.

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