On New York, fondly

I know that I’m a terrible trip blogger. I get home, get so busy doing other things, and then forget. So, for your viewing pleasure, a quick photographic journey through my New York adventure:


FAO Schwartz in New York City has a giant piano. For the low price of $250,000, it can be yours. (I am currently arranging financing and clearing my living room.)

Street food!

I am a huge fan of street food but NYC has weird onions. A fellow semi-Chicagoan thought that I had committed some serious sacrilege and put ketchup on my dog, but trust me, I asked for a hot dog with onions and mustard. Not sure what the sauce was (probably ketchup disguised to fool the faithful), but it was delicious.

Allen Ginsberg Apartment

Outside Allen Ginsberg’s apartment. I was more interested in the tree than I was in the building itself – Katie’s a huge fan of all things Beat and thus, our pilgrimage there was important to her. Perhaps I need to dive in and see what it is that enchants her.


Speaking of enchantment, isn’t she stunning?

The first night, we managed to delete all of the pictures on her camera. (I’m 99.999% sure that it was totally my fault) She managed to track down a camera cord and we downloaded some software that allowed us to recover the pictures – I’m so grateful for her quick thinking and her approach to the situation. Also, it’s really creepy to me that you can recover deleted pictures. But I guess it’s definitely a good thing, too.


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