On Yoga and the Collision of Future and Present Me

“Future me” is a wonderful person. She has all of these diverse interests and hobbies; she’s vibrant; she’s everything I hope to become. The problem, of course, is that future me is always so far removed from present me that I’m unable to merge the two together. On Wednesday night, something wonderful happened: future me became real (for an hour)!

Back in college, present me purchased a yoga mat. For some reason, high school me thought that as a college student, I would do awesome things like yoga in the big city. I never actually did yoga in college. Then post-collegiate me, assuming that adult me would do yoga, purchased a yoga DVD to take to Africa with me. It became a running joke: after dinner, my roommate and my host mother would ask me if I was going to practice yoga along with my yoga DVD. I never did it. (Who wants to do a yoga DVD in the living room of your house with everyone watching? No one I’ve ever met and certainly not me.)

Jacob invited me to do hot yoga with him. I had been talking to my friend Anne about it the night before, and jumped at the chance to finally unroll the yoga mat that’s been hauled around during every move I’ve made since I was 19 and until Wednesday, was sitting in the corner of my closet. I was terrified – people who do yoga are scary. But it was awesome! I have never sweat so much in my life (the room is heated to 105 degrees). It turns out that all of those years of dancing haven’t quite left me, and I was able to follow along without getting lost. The hour passed quickly, and when it was over, I felt amazing.

I’ve got a week to try out this yoga place, but of course, this is the one week where my life is packed with adventures and commitments, and so it’ll be interesting to see if I’ll be able to get back in time to really use the free pass. This is definitely something I’m interested in continuing though, so keep your fingers crossed.


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