On Jumbles of Thoughts.

Today is one of those days where I’m just going to throw random thoughts at you. And then you’ll read them. Or you won’t.

-Kevin is amazing. Just wonderful. It snowed a bit today, so he gave me his key and told me to take his car to work. Now that I’m used to it, I really like driving his SUV. And the four-wheel drive really comes in handy. I’m glad I get to keep him. The only thing left to do is have him meet Mom. I don’t anticipate any problems there.

-I mailed my application. I started holding my breath, then realized that was a dumb idea and stopped. (That didn’t actually happen, just so we’re clear.) We’ll know in about a month. Keep your fingers crossed. I really want this. I’m trying not to get too excited, just in case there’s a letdown coming, but I’m not going to lie, I’m hoping that this is the beginning of the best adventure of my life. I’m going to rock as a sex therapist. I’m going to rock as a marriage therapist. I’m going to rock as a family therapist. I’m just going to rock.

-Shopping for nice boots is nasty business. I bought two pairs from Nordstrom online (their customer service is SO good). Now that I’ve received them, returned one pair, and received a replacement, I’m not sure that I like either pair. (Kevin said that one of the pairs looked like rain boots, which I think is the worst criticism you could ever give a pair of boots – I hate rain boots because they just swallow up my legs.) So now I’m thinking about returning all of them and not buying any boots. Or just keeping the cheap pair I have now. And to think of all the jeans I could buy for the money I spent on boots! (Not that many, actually, but still, new jeans are new jeans.)

-I’m a terrible mother: after two years of owning the beast, I had neglected to register his microchip. (I swear, I thought I had!) The microchip people had a completely different idea of where the microchip was, so I’m glad it’s all taken care of now. We took him to the Dumb Friends League on Saturday to get his microchip scanned to make sure it was working. We also took the opportunity to look at dogs. It was really sad – we were waiting in the intake room to get Carlos scanned and there were so many people giving up their pets. The woman’s relief was palpable when I told her that I just wanted to check his chip. I’m sure she thought that we were there to sign him over. Of course, he wouldn’t come out of his carrier (you have to fight to get him in, fight to get him out…it’s a whole mess), so she just reached in to scan him. He was such a trooper. After that errand, we ended up at Costco, so he stayed in the car while we shopped. The poor little guy was so happy to be home, he ran out of the carrier as soon as I set him down. I think he thinks he’s going to get returned to the shelter every time we get in the car.

-Dave Logan isn’t going to be the coach of Mullen anymore. Interesting. I’m curious to find out why he’s out. I’m even more curious to find out what direction they’re planning on taking the football program.

-The Broncos game on Sunday was amazing! I was starting to panic and then all of a sudden, it was over. We’d won. Hugs all around and even a high five from the Steelers fan next to me. I’m looking forward to seeing the game on Saturday – I’m hoping (although not confident) that we will win. Kevin took me with him to the Nuggets game on Monday night. (So much sports crammed into so little time!) I really like watching basketball – I need to start doing more of it. It was a really good game, even though we lost.

…well, this was an eloquent post. Here’s hoping for something more coherent tomorrow.


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