On my Moon Sign


Degree: 0° 40′
People with the Moon in the same degree

Caring, emotional, sensitive and intuitive. Likes to spend time with family, hates new unfamiliar surroundings.
If you see a strong courageous-looking person, but you know that his or her Moon is in Cancer, take into account that the chances are that this person is vulnerable and touchy, even tender, and has a subtle understanding of other people’s emotions. Whether this is a man or a woman, they probably worship their mother and have exceptionally strong emotional bonds with her.
Moon in Cancer individuals need to have their own home, or at least a room, or at least a corner in a room, but only their own and not someone else’s. They can be strongly (and irrationally) attached to certain items which they have important emotional associations with.
There are very few people in the world who are really, really important for the Moon in Cancer, whom he or she considers as their own. Mother is number one, of course, and the kids, no doubt, but perhaps nobody else. Even a spouse can often be considered to represent more or less hostile outer world who cannot be completely trusted. Moon in Cancer people appreciate stable family life but often cannot create that stability and may even put their relationships under stress by constantly comparing the partner to their mother, and demanding from the partner mother-like care and concern.
Emotional problems of the Moon in Cancer are easily reflected on the physical level, hence problems with digestion, breasts or stomach disorders. To restore his or her energy after a stressfull period, the Moon in Cancer needs to hide from the outer world in his or her home and to see only the most trusted and closest people.
Moon in Cancer individuals can be superb parents, and a father with this Moon can be more solicitous than a mother, if she has her Moon in a different sign. But there is a negative side to this: this parent can easily spoil children with excessive care and concern, especially if the children are not naturally self-reliant anyway.
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