Grumbling, as usual

Another wild weekend leads to another busy week.

However, I have purchased bookshelves.
Two of them.

And hopefully tonight I will have them in my room and I will feel like I live there.

Also, I have some bones to pick with both Google (Blogger) and Tumblr.
Google won’t accept the fact that I want to make my Gmail address my primary on this account. They refuse to let the two merge together although I no longer actively use my Loyola e-mail address. Actually, it might not even be mine forever.
And then what?
What happens when the next wants to get her own blog?
What happens when I’ve completely forgotten that I was

And Tumblr. I adore my new layout but it’s impossible for people to comment. Ironically, that’s the blog where I’d like to have comments. My family reads this blog but doesn’t comment (even though it’s super easy to do) but my friends are unable to do so on my Tumblr.

Ugh, technology does have its limits.
How about making it all a little bit more intuitive?
(I’m talking to you too Constant Contact!)

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