Some stuff I threw into a text box

Not having an internet connection at home is really starting to stunt my creativity – well, sort of. I spend my 8 hours a day at work thinking about what I want to write, but once I get in front of a computer, it’s all gone. This week, though, internet! Yay!

I’ve been limping through a cold this week. I’m not sick enough to miss work or stay home, but I’m coughing and miserable. The cat is quite bothered when I interrupt his sleep with my coughing; he lifts his head up and looks at me, bending his ears back in annoyance. Then he’ll turn, knead my blankets (or sometimes me) with his claws, and then settle back in, tucking his paws under him.

Carlos has settled in really well. He hardly leaves me alone. I wake up with him next to me, or on me, or at my feet. He’s adorable, furry, perfect.

We’re really loving the new apartment – it’s so big! I can hear the traffic on 17th constantly; it rocks me to sleep, reminds me of Chicago. The neighborhood is great. It’s crazy and wonderful – this morning I saw a woman with a mullet walking across the street while talking on her bluetooth ear piece. Love this. Love my life.

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free spirit, lover of red wine, bacon, sushi, the ocean, and adventure. I work in the legal field, do freelance writing, and take care of children.

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