Apartment hunting is hard.
Basically, we need: a two bedroom that allows cats.
What we want, however, is a different story: two bathrooms, dishwasher, washer/dryer, parking.
But, living in that very first apartment taught me a lot about “necessities.” You can actually live without most of them. In fact, sometimes it’s easier. Although, I will say that having a washer/dryer would really make my life a lot better.

We have our first showing today.
Located at First and Logan, this 550 square foot (yes, I did say 550) charmer is two bedrooms and comes with everything (EVERYTHING – cable, internet, heat, trash…etc.) included except electricity for $950 per month. It has parking, though.
But seriously? 550 sq feet?

Tomorrow, I have a noon appointment to view a Capital Hill 2 bedroom that’s 800 square feet (more my size) and $965 for two people with gas/electricity/cable/internet extra. And no parking.

I’m also looking at a place off of 11th in Lowry – SPACIOUS (double the size of the first one) 2 bed/2 bath (a bathtub, oh my) with walk-in closets, a patio, washer/dryer, and parking. But, this place is kind of far away from everything and is $950 per month with nothing included.

So….we’ll see how this goes.

The options have begun to lay themselves out and I think it’ll be interesting to see where we end up. Right now, I’m very excited about the 10th Ave Cap Hill apt. But we’ll see.


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