Stitches, or why I have an ugly middle finger

Pineapple can, late evening, end of December. It was one of those no-can-opener-necessary sort of deals, and I am obviously way too much of a moron to open cans without a can opener, and so I spent a night gushing blood and then the next day getting lectured and then being sewn back together.
I’ve never had stitches before, I hope I don’t ever have to have them again. They hurt. A lot. They’re inconvenient and messy, but super cool to look at.
So now, I have three of the four out of my finger. One has to stay because if it was removed, there would have been more blood, which is not the intended outcome. So it will live in me until it can come out. I imagine that in the next few days I’ll be able to pop it right out.
But I took this picture on my cell phone. Great resolution, right??
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