Blues, among other things

I babysat the three little boys for the last time last night.
Blaise is two now, and he can annunciate my name. Hunter and Luke will be five in September, so we talked about me leaving and they told me that maybe they’d go on vacation while I was gone too, but wanted to know if I’d be back for their birthday. When I told them I’d be gone, Hunter looked at me and said, “Maybe you can come over the day before.”
We had a good night. Two of them weren’t feeling well, so we made juice popsicles and watched too much Thomas the Tank Engine. I choked back tears while we were reading stories, and then again when I put Blaise to bed. I’ve always had a special bond with him; he’s such a happy baby.
Then, things got bad. I put Luke to bed in the boys’ room and he wanted me to sing to him, so I asked him what he wanted. “A song about you,” he said, so I sang something. “Actually,” he said after I’d badly sung a short, made-up song, “tell me a story about you.” So we talked about them, and Carlos, and life.
I told him I loved him and tucked him in and then went to find Hunter, who was in the other room. He wanted to sing to me, he said. He hummed me a song and then asked me what my favorite part was. “The middle,” I answered.
“It’s Tinkerbell’s birthday song,” he said. “Now you sing me one.”
I hummed Blackbird.
And then I cried.
They gave me a beautiful card and each of the boys gave me a piece of paper they’d decorated.
It’s been a wild two years, but as I told her when I left, I’m wildly more prepared for motherhood. I remember when I had just started with them and I’d find myself overwhelmed at times. Now, I can weather tantrums calmly without being stressed at all. Last night, there were those tired tears that only sleep can solve, a problem so simple it wasn’t, and Luke telling me he had to have popsicles by midnight. The only problem? They weren’t frozen yet.
I looked at him and I said, “What do you think will happen if you don’t have one before midnight instead of waiting until tomorrow?”
He thought about it.
“Nothing too bad, right?” I said. “Now, you may have banana or applesauce.”
The tears continued, but I continued doing what I had been doing and I didn’t bat an eye. Later it was applesauce that solved the problem.

After I got home last night, I called my friend Patrick (who met Maddie a few months ago on his first night in Chicago) and told him I wanted to go out. Then I called my new Irish friend (how funny is it that we majored in the same thing? However, he also has a Master’s degree and I do not) and asked him what he was doing. He was at a blues place. So Patrick and I went. The place has two stages, and the musicians switch back and forth between the two all night. One of their group had talked to the musicians after the first set, and they invited him up to play with them. The club was open until 3:30, so we stayed there as long as we could. (I’d only gotten there around one.)
I ended up home with McDonald’s breakfast around six thirty, and I managed to find what I believe is legal parking (it’s street sweeping day, but there weren’t any signs) so all is well. That group of guys is hilarious. They’re seven guys here for the summer, excited to meet American girls, but so far have only met Irish ones (and me, but I don’t think I count. They keep asking me if I have girl friends. I tell them I’m working on it). I have thoroughly enjoyed the couple of weeks I’ve had with them and am going to be sad to miss their summer here.

Mike gets in tonight! I’m not sure what we’re going to do, I have a huge final tomorrow, and still think I’m going to write a six page paper, but haven’t decided yet, so it might be a laid back night in.
I’m miserably unprepared for this move and it’s starting to make me nervous. I know that I don’t have much to do in Colorado, but Dad is leaving just before I get to his house and the idea of being somewhere unfamiliar at a high-stress time with Carlos and other cats is stressing me out. I’m employed, though! I start at Subway next week. I’m about to the best qualified “sandwich artist” that ever lived.
But South African preparations must begin.
Ah, summer. Hopefully Denver is ready for me.

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