Moving to Denver: 2010: Cat Update

I apologize for that last post.
My life list should actually look more like this:

To Do:
Stop being such a melodramatic bore.

Instead of doing anything on either of those lists, I spoke with Mom on the phone for well over an hour, referenced Virginia Woolf more than I should have, and then promptly overworked myself about cat nail clippers. You know, that sort of afternoon.
Carlos’ nail clippers are missing. And his claws grow faster than baby’s fingernails. So perhaps my Sunday drive today should be to PetSmart (Is it PetsMart? Or PetSmart? either way, there) to get some new ones that won’t shred his nails.
That way I can prove to myself and him that I’m not a bad mother.

The ankle is another issue entirely. I played ultimate frisbee and then kickball yesterday, neither of which are activities conducive to healing. I now have a solid mass just above my ankle bone. I’ll keep you updated for developments in that department.
However, I love running around. I also love it when neighborhood moms say that 22 year olds can still have popsicle breaks. Perfect evening.

Firetruck on my street and others fast approaching. Hopefully it’s the second great Chicago fire and I can finally capitalize on my renter’s insurance policy.
(Cute joke, I promise. I’m pretending that I’m not leaving and have therefore not begun packing. It’s that sort of week as well. It might be easier if half of my possessions were charred. It would certainly make packing easier.)

The short-lived audio player will return, just after I’ve made some adjustments. That one was cumbersome and ugly, and if it’s one thing that I prefer my blog not to be, it’s that. (Take your pick, cumbersome or ugly.)

I’m going to hit up the PetSMart (there, end of discussion) downtown and make sure that I can get Carlos  what he needs. Maybe he’ll want to come with? We’re trying to practice car driving. (Redundant, I know.) He’s not been bad at it; the only thing he HATES is getting in. And with those claws? He’d be a free cat in no time.

(Some time later)

I’ve returned…I have a new dog carrier for Carlos (since he’s too big to fit comfortably in the cat ones) that should be spacious enough for the road trip. (I’ll hopefully be able to fit a small litter box and some food/water in there as well….fingers crossed!) I didn’t want to go too big, he doesn’t need a cat palace. But he also got a new collar (it’s adorable – white with dark brown flowers along it) to replace the one that was lost when he had his surgery. I’m not going to bother paying to make a tag or anything, he’s microchipped and easily recognizable by all of his physical injuries.
Apparently, his teeth are out of order too. The front fangs are behind other fang-like teeth (I’d like to say incisors, but I’m most likely wrong. Fangs are incisors, right?) but should be in front of them. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to bother him although it might explain why he eats like a hyena.

Today was beautiful: hot and sunny, the Pride parade was today. I didn’t go, instead I chose to decompress (and rest that ankle) and lay around watching the NCIS marathon on USA.
Perfect day.

I’m off to my friend Harrison’s for our last movie night tonight.

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