Matisse and a Picture Post

I’m prefacing this post by saying that it’s about 85 degrees in my apartment right now. My brain is being slowly over-cooked. Also, the bugs have taken this warm weather as an opportunity to crawl around. I don’t mind them, but I do.
Maddie and I are switching back and forth between “Say Yes to the Dress” and “SportsCenter.” That very much sums up our lives.

Today I joined my friends Greg and Carolyn at the Art Institute downtown. The city was hot and muggy, but full of energy because this morning was the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup celebration parade. The streets were full of people dressed in bright red, hot but happy. We spent a pleasant afternoon perusing parts of the museum; we saw an exhibit featuring many Chicago artists trained at the Art Institute (SAIC). Then we went and saw the Matisse exhibit. I generally stay away from modern art, so I don’t know a whole lot about it, but having Greg as a tour guide added to my experience.
I’m in the middle of attempting to upload my photos of Matisse (only one, since photography was prohibited and I had to sneak it) and also of my one true love, the Impressionists.
                                                                   Below, Lake Michigan.

If you quint, you can see me! I’m wearing a blue Oxford and brown shorts in the bottom right, below! 
Above, a man whose suit was tremendously horrible. It was part chartreuse and part rust, and when he walked, it seemed to change color in the light. And he has Gene Wilder hair circa the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” era. Scary.


Above, the Art Institute lions wearing hockey helmets.
I’ve been thus unable to retrieve my pictures from today, so be sure to check back because I’m going to post them tomorrow (or whenever I get them…apparently my 3G isn’t so hot right now, or the fact that I’m trying to simultaneously email 25 pictures from my cell phone may have slowed progress). But I want to talk about Matisse a bit, so it might be worth it. 

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