Blog Block Post #1

I’ve been having blog block lately. I have thoughts and then lose them.

We saw Sex and the City 2 tonight. I’m a longtime fan of the series and while not wildly excited to see the movie, I was interested. And so we saw it. It’s adorable; the two and a half hours pass quickly. I found myself enjoying the storyline and although I have qualms about the racial undertones of the movie, I was willing to forgive them in order to suspend my disbelief and live in Carrie’s fairytale world for awhile.
I didn’t like the constant referring to the women’s ordeals; I thought it wasn’t addressed properly or thoroughly enough. I can see where the writer may have tried to bring it up, touch on it, without being racist, but I feel as though his intentions went awry somewhere along the line.
The movie was lovely. SatC always puts me in thought bubbles or sets of strange emotions, but tonight, it settled me. I love Charlotte’s wardrobe; the look is timeless and beautiful.

I keep sitting down and waiting for thoughts to spill out like they have in the past, and it’s just not happening.

I spent the past couple of days helping Maddie move out of her house. We drove down to Champaign so that she could store some of her things and then we looked at apartments. She found one that she liked while we were there, so that was lucky.
I’ve got about a month left in Chicago. And then after that, July shall be spent in odd transit, being held between two places and really living in neither. August will come quickly enough and then the future. Hopefully Mike’s passport stuff can happen ASAP and then we can go to South Africa; if not, I shall be going it alone. I desperately need to do something. I need to find myself all over again. I need to regain my inner strength and develop some desperately needed self-confidence. After that, I shall return and begin building the life I’d very much like to lead.
blah blah blah, I’m just typing.

The Hawks won the hockey game tonight.

Hopefully I’ll make it to the beach tomorrow and do some much needed relaxation and fiction reading.

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