Lost (not pertaining to any sort of mystical island, however)

I often wonder if Virginia Woolf and I would have gotten along splendidly.
Then I thank G/god that I never knew her.

I am remarkable at existing, I’ve discovered. In the times when I have very little to hope for (besides everything the future brings), the times that I find myself alone, I also find myself content, to a certain extent. And whenever I feel overwhelmed by the solitude, I think of that semester spent in Denver, the semester when I was very nearly alone (you’re never quite alone, but you know what I mean). I was satisfied. I took long bike rides. I happen to enjoy long bike rides. My leg muscles enjoyed them as well.
And then I think about calling some of my friends. Friends exhaust me. I hate the upkeep, I really do. And thus, I’m terrified that I will spend the rest of my life alone.
I’m a horrible decision maker, if you haven’t noticed.

I think once I get to Denver, it might be time to trade the mountain bike in for a road bike or one that is a combination of the two. Oh just get a better mountain bike and then actually go riding down mountains with it. People here judge the mountain bike when they see it.

I didn’t get down to fight my parking ticket today, so I’m going to do it before I babysit tomorrow. \

I found out that they’re officially official today.

Commentary on the population of my marketing class: tons of kids with curly hair, for some reason.
The professor is nearly seventy five years old but I have a feeling I’m going to like him even though the class looks as though it’s going to be an endless exercise in patience and utter boredom. I stayed after class on Monday to talk to him about the economy because I’m the only sort-of-super-senior in the class and he was interested about my job prospects. So that’s a good start.
He drones on and on, but I feel as though he’s got a lot to say. So I’m listening.
Bad start, however: new edition of the book. $150. Great. The library doesn’t have it, so I shelled out the money for it. But on the bright side, I’ll either make probably half of it back selling it at the end of the semester or I’ll be able to keep it to use it for grad school.
I need to find a math tutor in Denver for August on the off chance I take the GMAT before I depart for S. Africa. I’d like to start the application process and then hopefully start school during the fall semester of 2011. But who knows? I don’t know where I want to go, but I’m assuming I’d like to stay in Denver. The University of Colorado at Denver program is looking better and better everyday. Cheap, as far as grad school goes.

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