Drastic Change and a Newly Minted Five Year Plan

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Life is funny; there’s always a reason for everything. Of course, the conference in Boston reaffirmed everything I couldn’t quite figure out. Curiosity about the professional world, the realization that a degree in Communications won’t do much for me and a romance novel that can’t seem to get past twenty pages because I’m constantly distracted have led me to a simple answer:
Business school.
Terrified about my future, I have realized that there’s nothing I’d like more than to be in school longer. But legitimate school. Purposeful and focused. Who cares about gender studies?
I’m dropping my third minor unless I can figure something out, but other than that, all should be well. I’ve emailed the department, hoping for a resolution of some sort.
The possibility of getting a dual MBA/MS in Marketing for under $25,000 exists.  (How sweet would that be?)
I’ve been afraid because I thought it was all math. It can’t be all math. And I can emphasize philanthropic marketing so I’ll still be able to do some of the social work aspects (sort of, but not really) in my future life.
More details to come as I figure out what the hell I’m doing.  (The application deadline is June 1. Let’s get this one in way before, so I’ll know.)
Ha, I bet I’m the only person preparing to take the GMAT at the end of March/early April.
This time I’m not going to tell anybody, except you dear readers, for fear of being rejected again. (I really don’t get rejected often. It hurts. I’m not a fan.) But CU Denver, where I’ve decided to apply, shouldn’t reject me unless I screw up on the GMAT, which I won’t. Hopefully. I’ve never gotten a bad grade on a standardized test in my life.


My Tuesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days but they’re also my favorite days of the week. I have a break between 9:45 and 11:30, so I go to the Information Commons (the library at Loyola) and sit in one of the leather chairs overlooking the lake. You might also remember this as the place where the body was discovered back in November.

I came to Loyola four years ago based on a hunch that I had, a feeling that I got while I was standing not far from where I’m sitting now, looking out over Lake Michigan. I still feel the same way. I love the way the water seems endless. I love the way it changes colors, from gray to green to the deepest blue. I love the power, the solitude…I love the hours that I get to spend here. I don’t think I’ve spent nearly enough.

Either way.
I’ve been procrastinating. Spanish test in a few hours and my favorite, Virginia Woolf, next.
(Surprisingly, that wasn’t sarcasm.)

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