More rambling and a titch of life analysis

After a sleepless night, I woke ready to face the world. That’s a lie. I hit the sleep button for over an hour while I held Cat and tried not to think about my upcoming statistics test.
However, I got the notecard completed and then went and took the test. My tired self wrote “without replacement” and then again, “without replacement” without thinking, so for the first half of the test, I was doing all the without replacement problems incorrectly. After a brief moment of panic, during which I frantically looked down at my notecard, I realized that my powers of observation and innate intelligence are stronger than my fear, and I corrected myself and the problems on the paper.
And so I’m predicting a high B on the test. It is probably the most ironic thing in the world that of all of my classes, I think the only one that I have a solid A in right now is Stats. I love the class. I love the teacher’s charismatic style and I love the fact that we have no book. I’ve gotten all of my homework in and I aced the first test. (It’s funny, when I get a low A, I get really annoyed that it’s not higher. If only that could work for B and C work that I’ve been turning in lately.)

I have purchased my cap and gown! Graduation, here I come! (Commencement, rather.)

Post-convention news: I’ve been thrown into a self-depricating tailspin of terror about the future. I need to remind myself to breathe. I am still a real person who matters, despite the fact that I’m nothing but a soon-to-be-college graduate with no tangible resume to speak of (besides the PR gig, the extensive babysitting, although it’s called child care…or actually, maybe even something better on my resume and the DQ. I need to boost volunteer work). That said, I need to focus on daily life rather than the future and on small accomplishments for the time being.

And so, I am going to tackle tomorrow. I’m going to embrace homework and attempt to hear back from the Chicago Public Schools.
I’ve got a meeting set up for Friday with a social worker for my doomed Social Work class. That actually might be interesting and fun. I’m going to help her cook for Passover.
I’ve got two stories due on Monday. The CPS is the most horrible group to deal with and I hate them. Also, none of their information is public. Thus, I’ve been unable to get access to write the stories that I need to write. I’ve also got a rewrite due. Excellent.
Babysitting a lot this weekend for my newest family. I really enjoy them, actually, so it shouldn’t be hard at all. (Also, desperate for cash.)
Tomorrow is always my long day, and I have a Spanish test and homework due. A rewrite of my midterm for Social Work (ugh, APA format is going to kill me as is my professor’s miserable and illegible handwriting). Getting my Hemingway paper back. It was only after I had turned it in that I realized I neglected to mention the title of the novel anywhere, however, I did allude to it in both my title and introduction.
Ugh frazzled brains need to neglectful academics. (This is my fault, I am well aware.)

Ah, the weekend. Let’s begin the big push toward the end of the semester and end on a high note.

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