Incomplete Boston post

We arrived in Boston at about midnight, then made it to the hotel, where we rendezvoused (this computer doesn’t have spell check and god forbid I spelled that wrong) with Aunt Judy and then went out to find some fun. We were at the bar a total of an hour and we had a blast.
Today, we are checking out of the hotel here and then moving to a different one. We’re hoping to see Boston Commons this afternoon and check out a graveyard. I love old graveyards in cities. The ones in Philadelphia were some of the best that I’ve seen in my life.

Airplanes. I’m just not on board, so to speak, with Southwest. Their system and I are incompatible. Madeline and I got in with our carry-ons and then attempted to shove them up into the baggage compartments.
Alright, enough for now. Leaving.

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