The rough week has come to an end.
I have barely survived and it seems that my exhaustion knows no bounds. How tired can one person get? I may attempt to find out.
I sleep well last night, not nearly long enough though.
I was about to sit down and write one of those, “I am in love with Chicago” sort of posts, but perhaps I shall save that for a later date.

Prayers for Mom, please.
This is instead going to be a post of gratitude. I don’t talk about my support systems nearly enough. I love my family and I appreciate everything that they do. And by everything, I mean everything. It makes me smile to know that I have a set of “other grandparents” who love me just as much as Grandmas Mary and Al and Grandpa Joe do. I love knowing that Aunt Sally and Grandma will take good care of Mom this weekend and today. For the record, I did not stress that much about the surgery this time around.
Also, I love Mike. He’s the best brother anyone could ask for. I know that if I ever need anything, I can call him and he’ll help me in any way he can. He may not tell me he loves me often, but I don’t have to hear it, I just know it.

I’m sorry. I can’t focus when I’m tired.
I’m meeting Madeline downtown for dinner and drinks and then we’re headed to the airport. Our flight leaves at 8:45 central time and we’ll land in Boston at 11:55 ET.
I’m bringing my computer and hoping to get some work/writing done while I’m away.

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