Exhaustion. It’s Thursday.

Sleeping did not go well last night.
Exhaustion has set in.
I have been up since six.
I had class at eight thirty.
I have class until two fifteen.
I babysit at three.
I get done at six.
I have night class at seven.
I get home after ten.
Will there be sleep?
Hopefully I will instantly fall asleep.
That way I won’t have to deal with anything.
Tomorrow: a sleepover with some girl friends.
Saturday: leave for Indiana.
Sunday: come back to Chicago.
Monday-Friday: Survive. Do work. Do lots of work.
Friday: Fly home to Denver.
Saturday: Ft. Collins.
Sunday: home
Monday-Sunday? be home.
Sunday: fly home. (Katie is in Chicago at this point with her dad)
Tuesday or Wednesday: Katie leaves for Denver.
Friday: Maddie and I leave for Boston.
Friday pm – Tuesday pm: I party in Boston. (and do tourist stuff, maybe?)
Wednesday: Stats test.

Somewhere in there is St. Patrick’s Day, midterms, etc.
It’s nearly April after this calendar is complete.
Notice there’s no time for sleep.


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