More cat consideration

I got home, half expecting him to be waiting at the door for me. He wasn’t. I went into my room and set my backpack down. I could have sworn that I heard a little squeak from somewhere under my bed, but didn’t want to stress him by looking for him.
I went into the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal and heard his little bell ringing. He came bounding into the kitchen and came to rub up against my legs. I reached down to pet him.
He’s got these sharp little front incisors (I’m not sure if they’re called incisors on a cat) but he had to have one of them removed because it was fractured. So he’s got a funny, sort of wonky little grin. His nose is black and his snout is almost squashed into his little face. He has intense eyes. They’re wide and golden. They give him a wild look, sort of.
But then I look and see him rolling around on his back, going from side to side as we play and I see his lovable side. I lay on the couch this afternoon and left him a spot should he have wanted to come and snuggle, and sure enough, he did. He came and laid with me for a little while, and when I woke up, he was gone.
I looked around and saw him sitting in the bowl chair, taking up the whole middle of the chair. He just raised his head and looked at me. As I was getting ready to go to night class tonight, he ran around the house with me as I got ready. When I went into my room, he came in with me, jumping on my bed and sniffing around. When I was washing my face in the bathroom, he laid on the rug outside the door, stretched out.
I feel as though he feels comfortable with me. I’m hoping he does. The adoption won’t be finalized for two weeks. This morning, I was sitting thinking, Shit, why did I get a cat? But then I realized I’ve already put some money into him and also, I did something that no one else was willing to do. I gave him a home. As I was thinking this, I watched him eat his cat food and I realized that while I may not have made the smartest decision, I made the best one for him.
So just so you know Mom, I am well aware that this is not an easy decision. I could still give him back and only be out $150. But how could I turn him down? I can give him a home and love him.
So there. If you like, consider it the beginning of my social work career.

I’ll add pictures to this post. I’ve got some good ones. I still can’t believe I got a cat. I am impulsive, it’s true.

I’ve got my first babysitting gig, finally. Valentine’s Night. So that’s some money coming in that will go directly to cat care.
I’ve applied to LIFT Chicago to do volunteer work. It may not be paid, but its social work case work, so that could be a good thing in the long run.

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