Lunch Disaster

I couldn’t get a good picture of Lola as she scampered around the bathroom after she jumped in, nor did I want to take one while she looked so miserable trying to escape, so I scooped a very soggy bunny out of the tub and set her on the floor. (Only her feet and a bit of her backside got wet, no worries about any bunny health problems.) 

Trying to explain Dad is like trying to explain nuclear fission to a two year old. You can scratch the surface, basically, but without a full understanding of the essential parts, you’ll never quite grasp it. Nuclear fission may have been a bad example. I only understand the basics of that, so I certainly hope no two year old ever asks me about it. The little boys sometimes put me in that situation with parts of machines. Not being a four year old boy or a mechanic, I don’t understand how the combine works. They don’t want an overview, they want the in depth analysis. This is why I love Google.

Ah, but that’s not what lunch was about, not nearly.
We went nearby to sit somewhere quiet. On a Friday afternoon, nowhere is quiet shortly after noon. However, as expected, there was very little said between us. Things took a turn for the worse after some comments were made that offended me, so I responded. And the response went somewhere I wasn’t prepared for it to go: the past.

There are many things that should never been said to a child, not even to a teenager. There are many things that no child/teenager (for the purpose of this whole rant, a teenager is a child) should ever overhear or be forced to listen to. 

The plane flight might be delayed. I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to stay here. It’s too bad I can’t spend the week tucked away somewhere warm or even flying from place to place. I had thought that this was going to be an easy semester to begin, but then again, I thought wrong. I think we’re 8/8 on that count.

Katie is coming!! We will be reunited tomorrow night!!

I’m also in the middle of emailing to get out of jury duty. I’m really bummed out that I won’t be able to do it yet, but there’s always another time.

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