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I’m currently in the middle of writing a short film. It’s about a fertility-challenged couple. The wife has an affair, and surprise, ends up pregnant (because it’s totally his fault they can’t have children) and then they have to deal with it. Is it a blessing or a curse? I don’t know yet. I’m only at page 13. I’ll let you know when I get there.

So Ireland might be out for spring break. I might go alone, though. That could be an interesting adventure. Something tells me Mom won’t go for that, but trust me, the Irish is/are worth the trans-Atlantic flight. We are for sure going in the summer. I will sell all of my possessions (except Simon, he’s mine) to get there. I’m fixated.

So excited to get my new computer. In all honesty, the whole week has been spent either fixated on the break up with Hunter (of course we’re trying to figure it out. He loves me. I love him. We just don’t work anymore. So we’re trying to work), Ireland (one of the reasons we’re not working, my god, he’s perfect) and my brand new computer! I still haven’t decided what I’m going to name it. The last one was Fluffy. This one might be Leonard.

Steel Magnolias in the theater is just as effective as it was on film. Cried my eyes out. Sobbed like a child. Snot on my sleeves sobbed. Man, if Mom ever needed a kidney, I couldn’t give her one. I’d totally sell mine though, so that’s a plus. Maybe it would help.

Took a nap earlier and consequently am not tired at 1:30am. Need to be up at 7, so I do believe I should get to bed. Can’t. Still writing my affair script. Not putting it all together properly, but it’s a start.

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