The Mile High City, At Last.

I stole these pictures from the internet. So sorry, they’re not mine, but they’re pretty sweet anyway.

I’m not sure that I do enough to remind you all of my inner thoughts. I think I do too much of the rundown of my daily activities and not enough serious contemplation. But in saying so, I feel as though it’s not something that you should call attention to in your blog. Because then you’re trying too hard. Who knows. We’ll get something figured out.

I’m always exhausted by the time I get home. Travel somehow takes all the energy out of me. In between all of the trains in Chicago, then getting to the plane, then flying, etc., I end up ready for a year-long nap. Which I have yet to get since I’ve been home.
It’s been nice to reconnect with family.
I went and had all my blood drawn this morning, so that’s a plus. I’ll hear back in a week.
Lunch with Grandma Mary this afternoon. It was nice to sit and chat with her about things.

Watching trash television as well today. It’s the simple pleasures that keep life interesting.
I’ve decided to extend my stay here. Being home for a couple more days before school starts will be nice. I’ll get to see Katie (she’s coming down from Ft. Collins and it’ll be her 21st birthday celebration) and I’ll also have time to heal a little bit before I fly home.
Good enough for me. Starting school next Monday.

Sorry, this post has become a jumble of words. I should close my eyes and my laptop.

Sweet afternoon dreams, world.

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