The 2nd Irish Incident and the Fallout

I love the above picture. love it. love it. love it.

They told us their only regret was that they didn’t start hanging out with us sooner.
We regret that too.

Before they left, Maddie, Katie and Eric went to the bar to wait for them while I went and got them (Sally the van was at the time dead, later deemed to be direly in need of fuel). We met at the bar and the evening commenced.

I am wild about these boys. They are hilarious. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They are out to have a good time (a great time). They like trouble. So do I (in moderation, of course).

I enjoyed them immensely. Hunter, however, has not been enjoying them so much. Eh, I told him, I’m young, I want to go out and play. So even though he’s not too sure he likes it, it’s going to happen. We made a compromise. I’ll behave myself and always be home on time. We’ve been talking a lot about the future lately and I’ve been getting scared. Not intentionally. Unintentionally. It’s just real and sort of weird.

It’s really not my fault I much prefer boys to girls. Girls are so catty and scary. Boys are just funny.

We had fun. So much fun. Too much fun to write about here. Your “Fun-Meters” (if fun-meters were really a real machine, I’d totally need one) would break. Oh my, it’s a wonder we didn’t get kicked out.

But here they are, the surviving pictures of that night.

When I got home something in the early morning, I still had nearly four pages of a six page paper to write and babysitting at 8am.
I got a 95% on the paper, even though it was written at 7:30 am. Yess! That paper was worth 50 percent of my grade.

I’m trying to convince them to come to Colorado next weekend, but I’m not sure they’ll want to drive all the way from San Francisco. (Who knows? Maybe they will. That’d be wonderful.)

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