Macbeth, Hamlet and the space between

Whoever answers the email for Safeway/Dominick’s has got to be one of the most maddenly moronic people on the face of planet.
I replied that I would like to see the policy.
I receive an answer (some two days later) about military IDs and how all you really need is a picture, an expiration date, physical description and a birthdate. Huh. That’s funny, because that’s what I had.

Whatever. I’m done with these idiots. I’m satisfied that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

I’m still waiting for my license. My temporary one has expired. I am doomed to drive in fear of being pulled over and also doomed to not play trivia on Sundays. Maybe my Passport needs to be over-nighted to my house so that I can at least do that.

Class today. In a funk. Put some of my clothes on hangers. Room still a disaster, but now I don’t really know why.

Tired. Rainy. Ate a turkey sandwich. Drinking tea.
Class. Hamlet. I read Macbeth instead.
Life is like that.


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