Feel Better Grandma Mary!

First of all, and absolutely most importantly, I am sending out a web-call for prayers for Grandma Mary who is in the hospital right now. I hope that everything is alright and that she heals quickly and painlessly.
I love you, Grandma! I finally sent you your Valentine the other day, so be so excited to get it!!

Secondly, and quite important, but not nearly as important as Grandma:

Comments or Questions : Hello,

I was in a Dominick’s/Safeway this afternoon and had a problem using my ID to purchase beer. I realize that this is hardly reason for complaint, but the problem was the verification of identification.
The Dominick’s store at 6009 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60660 is normally a wonderful store. I have not yet had a problem there other than incredibly slow checkout lines, but that is to be expected.
I have an out-of-state ID, one which expired. In Colorado, where I am from, when an ID expires, the DMV punches a hole in the card and gives you an accompanying paper until you receive your new driver’s license in the mail. I have been using that without any issue throughout Chicago for the last month and a half, still awaiting my new license. The problem is this: today I was denied sale.
Flabbergasted, I asked the female employee who checked my ID if I could speak to the manager. Her response was rather curt, informing me that he’d just say no, without any explanation as to why my ID wasn’t going to work.
That’s fine, but the reason that the manager, Todd, gave me was that they do not accept “invalid IDs.” When I challenged him, he told me that employees have been told not to accept such IDs. He told me that he wasn’t the police, and that he wasn’t going to accept an invalid ID.
Mine is legally valid, and that’s where my problem comes in. It is accompanied by an official state document.
I’m suggesting that instead of sporadically denying sale, your company either accept VALID identification (I spend most of my grocery money at your store, but am less inclined to do so now) OR have a more consistent denial policy, one that won’t catch loyal customers off guard at inopportune moments. I was greatly embarrassed by the situation and was forced to leave my items at the very busy register.
I know that the Safeway corporation takes good care of both their employees and their customers. If employees are told to deny sale to people with temporary identification, then I as a customer would appreciate a follow-through, so at least I would have been made aware of such a rule as to “valid” identification before I had attempted to legally purchase alcohol. Perhaps signs could be posed throughout the store or at the registers?
That’s fine as well. It’s not the buying of the alcohol that I have a problem with, it’s the
manner in which this policy is implemented. Had I known, I wouldn’t have tried, but I’ve been successfully (and legally, I might add) purchasing alcohol from your store for nearly a month and a half, never encountering this type of problem.
I’d love to know what you as a company are going to do to solve this issue, both for me and for other patrons from different states with different ID policies. We’d like to be aware of your store’s policies before we attempt to do something under the impression that we are legally allowed to do so.

Thank you for your time and understanding,
Katherine Barry

P.S. I do not have the physical club card, but when I get to the checkstand, I put in my cell phone number. Feel free to see any past beer purchases made on that card for reference.
Thanks again.

ugh. I’ve been waiting more than a month for my driver’s license to arrive and I do not have my Passport. I had no idea that this was going to be such a problem. Colorado and the mail system need to get their act together.

Have a safe and happy 4th! We’re having a “dress up like your favorite terrorist” party tonight just for the patriotism of it all!!!!

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