Big Changes

What a week.
I was sick all week, finally ending up in Urgent Care on Thursday afternoon. They told me what I already knew, a nasty stomach virus that’s going around. The doctor was wonderful and told me not to do anything but rest and that there was no way I was to be around small children.
So, I had to call the lady that I babysit for every Friday and cancel. I felt terrible; I still do. It was a big day that she had been clearing with me for probably three weeks, but seriously, stomach flu-like viruses don’t seem to be something that should be messed with.
So I lay on the couch for most of the week, alternating between feeling incredibly ill and attempting to eat. Safe to say, after a long night of rest last night, I feel much better. Not all the way, but closer than I’ve felt since Sunday.
Emily and I were taking out the trash today when I noticed our pigeon friend, Shirley, lying dead underneath some pipes. The pigeons have been missing lately and we hadn’t figured out what had happened to them. Well, when one pigeon dies in a certain place, it seems that no pigeon returns. And so, Shirley lies dead down the back steps and Laverne has flown the coop. Immense sadness was felt by Emily and myself, and Hunter only made pigeon jokes.
“Surely, Laverne must be around.” “Are you “sure” she’s dead?” He fought a battle with terrible pigeons that must not be related to Laverne and Shirley at all last year at his apartment on the South Side.
Hunter may be moving back to Wisconsin for a few months in the fall and for that, I am stunned and saddened. While his motives are purely for necessary financial gain, I will miss him. The conversation happened while I was sick and therefore more prone to crying than usual, so we all know how that ended: me crying while Hunter tried to calm me down.
I looked at him later that night and asked him what will happen if he still loves me when he moves to California (which he is hoping to do at some point in the next couple of years). He told me that we’d cross that bridge when we came to it but that we’d find a way to make it work.
It was comforting to hear.
Ugh. Watch out for Spyware Protect 2009 popping up on your computer. I have spent an afternoon getting rid of this stupid ad that wouldn’t leave my desktop. Apparently, it is an attempt to steal credit card information and other information. I don’t know. It was rather annoying.

Anyway, I’m going to see a movie tonight with Hunter while Emily is at a cast party for the show that she’s doing costumes for this spring. It should be nice.

Have a lovely afternoon/evening.

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