Well, the weekend was nice. Emily’s friend Randy was in town from St. Louis, so they spent a lot of time together. Hunter and I spent a good part of the weekend editing video that he shot.
Sunday night, I fell really ill and am just now beginning to recover. Stomach flu or food poisoning, whatever it was, it’s been intense. Emily sat with me for part of the first night, when I couldn’t stop crying and then yesterday Hunter came over after class and brought me crackers and Gatorade and sat with me until night.
I called my doctor in Denver and the Wellness Center here at Loyola and they both told me the same thing: You’ll live, just eat bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Okay.
The abdominal cramps live on, however, as does a massive headache, making today too long of a day already and it’s only 10:00 am.
Tomorrow I have to babysit at 8:30, class at 1:00, filming from 4:30-??
I’ve got homework piling up and I’m starting to get stressed out.
I missed a big assignment yesterday and now my teacher is upset with me, but I really don’t care all that much. I just don’t want her to take the tone that her emails have been taking with me lately. I’m happy to lose that part of my grade, perfectly happy. I didn’t understand the assignment from the get-go, and didnt’ get it done in time. My bad.
Ah, well, here’s to the late beginning of a hectic week. Hopefully by the time the weekend comes, I’ll be able to breathe.

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