Nothing like the summer to make you fall in love

Well, that was an unexpected summer. I didn’t want to come back, not at all, and now I find myself not wanting to leave. I’ve been saying my goodbyes, slowly but surely. Tonight was hopefully my last shift at Dairy Queen; I walked out with the best feeling in my stomach. I was so sick of it, by the time it ended. We were packed today, with people who thought that they were donating money everytime they bought themselves a four dollar blizzard. But, no, the owners wouldn’t allow the money to be donated. Instead, they keep it (because they refuse to participate in the Children’s Miracle Day program-thing) and let people think that they are doing some sort of dollar good in the world. And they’re not. I carefully step over it in conversation, not denying yet not agreeing to anything.
We’re going to try and make it work. We decided that the other night, after we’d realized that something wasn’t right. So it’s me and him now. And it’s wonderful. He finally met Mom. Him and Mike get along. And tonight, him and Katie went to see a show at Red Rocks while I was at work. He’s perfectly cute and college bound and more importantly than any of that, he makes me happy. And Mom likes him. Keep your fingers crossed.
I can’t leave now. I’m in love.
We drove up to Red Rocks, two sketchy kids in a Lexus, to see the sunrise last weekend. The pictures knocked me back. It was perfect. A spur of the moment decision made after we’d already lost most of the night to conversation. There was a food run, but other than that, we stuck to the routine. He wanted to drive back to St Marys Alice, and thinking of that hike, I suggested Red Rocks instead because I knew that after zero sleep I’d be tired. We went, and stood and watched, and I realized that there is no place more lovely than Colorado. I’ve never been more content.
I am still waiting on the bloodwork for the gluten allergy. I hope…actually, I’m not sure what I hope. If it’s no, than thank god I am not allergic to it, but then what’s wrong with me? And if it’s yes, which it most likely is going to be, than I can’t eat bread. or sandwhiches. Or cookies. Or cereal. Or graham crackers. Or brownies. Or cake. Or crackers. Or certain kinds of ice cream. Or granola bars. Or granola. No pizza. No pasta. Ahhhh……

I’m complaining and I shouldn’t be. Chicago is up the air, once again. Dad has offered to drive me, Mom has offered me a plane ticket to St. Louis. I don’t know how I’m going to manage getting there, so I think I will try to drive. I move in at 8 am that Monday. Danny offered to drive too, and I think that’d be more fun than any of the other options, but I highly doubt his parents would approve of that.

So we shall see. In the end, it’s always what will be that will be.

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