And so it ends, so soon, already.

The alarm went off at four in the morning, and we pulled ourselves from the places that we had been sleeping. I was wrapped in a blanket, comfortable, having just fallen asleep an hour or so before. We piled into his car, and drove to make it there by sunrise. Past Idaho Springs, a little ways, and then up a winding road. It was cold, the windows were down, and Grateful Dead was playing in the background. We passed the signs: St Marys Alice. We parked and then hiked for longer than I would have liked, but since I was with the boys, I didn’t complain and just followed them, up and up the rocks. We watched the sun crest over the mountain and we nestled ourselves onto some sort of rocky ledge. He put his arms around me and kissed my cheek in one of those perfect movie moments. And then we sat, in the cold, and watched him climb up and up the mountain. He yelled my name and waved, and then I realized that this is perfect. It’s the perfect end to childhood, to being wild, to exploring and experiencing everything. This summer has been the summer that it should have been. From here comes the unknown, but for now, today, and everyday, it’s comfortable and perfect and wonderful. Just like him. And Katie. I felt my eyes water yesterday, nestled into his neck, and even though I tried to smile so he wouldn’t find out, I had to turn away and not let him see what I was feeling.
The sunrise pictures are from somewhere on i-70 or pena boulevard on the way to the airport. the rain pictures are off hampden.
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