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I’m currently at a rec center while my seven year old cousin does dance lessons, and since the WI-FI isn’t going to let me play video games, I might as well post blog updates while I wait. (I’ve been back on a DOTA kick lately – I’m not even a little bit ashamed to admit that I’ve been sucked back in and I’m loving it. Today I even branched out and played a new character — which is a big deal since I usually only play the same 2 in rotation — and found myself not only wildly successful, but feeling oddly confident, too. It was a win-win. And we won.)

Whoa, it’s been a while since I posted. As far as things go, a lot has happened. And then also at the same time, very little has happened. But I think that’s how life generally works. It’s all and nothing, all at once. The pendulum somehow seems to swing in both directions, simultaneously.

First of all, there’s a ridiculous story about my MacBook Pro getting stolen, “recovered” by a man named Gator, and then returned to me . My dad, being terrified that I was about to get murdered, cautioned me about meeting Gator at the location of the dumpster – his fear? That Gator and his Gator-aides would rob me further (despite the fact that the robbery was surprisingly thorough for a grab and dash – smash and grab – jimmy for junk – whatever) and then kill me. Oh the dad jokes. Hilarious. Not so much when you’re on your way to right across the street from the Casa Bonita to meet some cops and Gator.

The world is a frustrating place. I have many thoughts on this, the first being, when you break into a 1996 Toyota Camry, what exactly do you expect to get? Also, people who steal are the worst. I’m okay with a significant number of other crimes, up to and including justifiable homicide, but theft is straight bullshit any way you look at it. It’s never been something I’ve engaged in or something I would condone or understand, and now that it’s happened to me multiple times in my life, I’m even more incensed.

Here’s my facebook status from the event: Today, I met a man named Gator in a parking lot off Colfax. He told me he found my computer in a dumpster, and then gave it back to me, swearing he hadn’t seen my giant black bag or my quilt and admitting to playing around on my computer for two days before calling me. He also said he’d seen my other stuff (laundry basket, etc) in the dumpster, which he took me to but had conveniently been emptied this morning. Despite being certain he had something to do with the theft and mildly disappointed that he wasn’t wearing my glittery tights, I am still absolutely kicking myself for not shouting, “Later, Gator!” as I drove away.

So of course I did what any reasonable human being would do when confronted with the super suspicious circumstances of getting their old-ass laptop returned to them by a seemingly good Samaritan even though that person admitted to having used said laptop for the better part of several days, I turned around and bought a new laptop. My old one was primarily being utilized as a Netflix-consumption vehicle, and on its last tiny laptop legs. So until I get it cleaned and de-bugged and thoroughly returned to normal (read: me not being terrified to open it after watching way too much Black Mirror using said Netflix machine), it is collecting dust on a shelf in my living room. And I’m okay with that.

I went to the store and bought a new one. I got a good deal: it’s got an SSD, solid amounts of memory and power, and the graphics card that might finally allow me to also play video games while on the go. (Because this is 2017, and I just realized that I haven’t purchased anything new and nice and “big ticket” since 2009. And the thing was on sale. I feel good.) It’s now very locked down – fingerprint, PIN, and/or password. It’s intense. No one named Gator is getting anywhere near this baby.

Second in the big news department: I have a new job. Sort of. I’m still booked to nanny through the summer, which will be cool because the summer gig will be full time and I should be having moderately excellent adventures while hanging out with wonderful kiddos.

But now I will also have part-time professional work on the side, which is fantastic. I’ve been terrified that taking over a year “off” to pursue different sorts of work would affect my career potential in a seriously negative way (not that I regret any of it for a single second). The fear I won’t be able to transition back into the professional world after having worn yoga pants and playing with kids for a year is now allayed. Although….if you’ve ever had children, or been a caretaker of children, you know that professional jobs are a cakewalk compared to trying to wrangle children all day every day.

I’m ridiculously excited about this opportunity and I think it’s going to be wonderful. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to grow in this position and that I’ll really be an asset to the firm. Fingers are crossed that this turns into some really beautiful things.

Read all about it (and me) here.

So yep. That’s what’s up. Also, I might be trying to live alone soon. My roommate and I have reached an impasse of living together -and I believe that either she’ll be moving out or I will be moving in with a friend while she finishes out her lease. Regardless, I’m excited/nervous/thrilled to be attempting to do my house on my own. Living with people is hard, and I think that for the next phase of my life, I’d like to embrace the solitude of self-reliance. Also, this year I’ve got landscaping plans and a huge list of around-the-house projects that I’d like to get a jump on. I’m going to create the very best nest and make it very much my own.




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