On Killing It, Successfully

I have a lot of Olivia Pope moments. I’m a delegator, a negotiator, and a cooperator, but mostly, I am a handler. I take care of the things that need to be taken care of when they need to be taken care of. I’m that guy. I’m the one my friends call when they need something, because they know that I’ll make it happen. I’m really great at doing it for other people, but I also manage to keep all of my ducks in a row.

I’ve got the bills paid, the plans made, and the arrangements taken care of. I live for that. It’s weird. I’m so not a type A person – you should see how cluttery my life is, but when it comes to stuff – the important stuff – it’s all done. Don’t even have to worry for a second.

Today, I got called into the CEO’s office at work. I gulped. I went through a mental checklist of all of the things that I could have possibly done wrong and didn’t come up with anything substantial. I started off down the hall, then stopped, did a U-turn, and put a Band-Aid on my nose ring. He hates nose rings. Which is funny, because putting a bandage over it does not mean it’s not there. It means it looks like I have a nose-herp situation happening.

Regardless, nose Band-Aid on, I strode in, all jello inside. I sat down.

He opens. “I hear you’ve been killing it.”

I reply honestly, “I have been.”

I tell him about a huge client compliment I got last week, and he’s thrilled, because apparently, he is the one who signed them. I’m pleased. I love it when clients love me. I live for that feedback, for the mutual satisfaction of a work relationship that’s both positive and productive. I go out of my way to get that. I’m polite, knowledgeable, information seeking, advice-dispensing, and prompt. Generally, that is exactly what people want.

Since I took over my clients, I’ve gone the extra mile in order to make them happy. I even gave one of them my cell phone number so she could call me about an employment matter. She and I ended up talking for like a half an hour during one of my rush hour commutes. Now she calls me “hon” and calls me for advice all the time. Which honestly makes me laugh because I’ve been at this for like five months. But I adore her, and I always have an opinion about everything, so it’s all good.

The CEO tells me that there’s a raise happening. I’m floored. It was more than I was expecting. Granted, it’s where I should be, for sure, but I’m super pleased. So happy. Now I can probably afford food AND health insurance! Woo, adulthood!

I’m so grateful. I’ve been loving every day – it’s that client interaction that thrills me, and I just got a new client who came to us specifically for that. During the setup meeting, I laughed when I heard the reason they’d come over. I know they’re in the right place. We’re already good; we’ve communicated back and forth quite a bit and I feel like we’re off to a great start. It just takes enthusiasm and competency. And emoticons. Seriously. Sprinkle those things liberally all across your emails and you’re set. The right use of the exclamation point can also convey upbeatness (that’s a word, what?) in the best way. People dig that, subconsciously. Kill them with happiness, that’s what I always say. (Not really, but I should.) Even when it’s very serious, bend in the right way. Use the language they want, use decisive, strong verbs, and then get them with the “I understand.” That’s the combo.

I’m so happy right now. I’m loving most of my clients and I’m loving how different my work is. I’m never bored, which is a good thing. And I get to walk out of there (most) every day knowing that I’ve just absolutely put 100% in and I’m rocking it. I swear, that’s so confidence-boosting. It’s uplifting, fulfilling, intellectually stimulating, all of the things.

Sorry. I’m not trying to brag. I’m just so freaking happy right now. I’ve been digging through stupid statutes all week, and I’m pleased to see that it’s paying off.

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