On Mike, there are no adverbs for 25-ily

My little brother is 25 today! 

My brother has always been a rock of reason and a pillar of resolute determination. His positivity and willingness to let go of the negative is something I try to emulate every day. Try being the operative word there. He’s always been a good balance for me; I’m the frenetic blur and he’s the observant center. We’re a great team that way. I do big picture and administrative; he does details, planning, and organization. 

I always laugh because his life advice is always straight from the Dalai Lama or the Buddha…..or from reality shows depicting prison life. I will never forget the time I was watching one with him and I heard one of his quotes – “Too blessed to be stressed” – come out of the mouth of an inmate. I turned to him, aghast, and he got that sheepish grin face he gets when he’s been caught doing something mischievous.

We have been together through so much and our adventures have been the very best. 

Here are a ton of highlights:

My first big high school dance! 

The day we closed on our house. We promptly donned painting coveralls, Breaking Bad-style, and painted everything. Arduous but so fun. 

My mom’s very utilitarian Christmas presents – matching shovels. I do love that steel edge, though. Mom always knows what’s up. 

ew, this is why I don’t wear hats.

tennis lessons! 

fishing. It’s his happy place and my least favorite place. 

South Africa will always be one of the happiest, wildest times of my life. 

 Cape Town from Table Mountain 


I want to say cape of good hope. Southernmost point of Africa. Or just a rocky outcropping and the ocean. Either or. 

Moving out of Chicago in 2010. He got to Chicago and I wasn’t packed. He rolled his eyes, made me throw so much away, and packed Simon the civic like a pro. We made it back with all the important things plus the cat, and he taught me how to spit sunflower seeds on the way. 


My first Cubs game, courtesy of Mike. 

I hope his year is full of magic, whether it’s exciting next steps, like graduation, or wonderful fishing adventures. Now that we have so many new power tools, hopefully it will be full of home improvement, too. 😉

A very happy birthday to the worst guy, my best friend, my little brother. I love you so much and can’t imagine my life without you. 

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