Merry Christmas, quickly!

So of course nothing ever goes exactly as planned. With my grandma fresh out of the hospital, our tradition of spending Christmas Eve at her house were scratched. Instead, boyfriend and I watched “The Interview” online and fell asleep. This morning, eager to avoid angering anyone, we went to my uncle’s house to see his kids for about forty minutes, then rushed home to clean the house and get ready for my dad and his wife to come over.

But, quickly, I must share what I’ve found – champagne and spiced apple cider! It’s delicious. I’m going to be too full of it to eat a proper dinner. It’s delicious. It’s festive. It’s sure to please.

I googled it because I thought I’d stumbled on something new and magical, but it turns out that like most everything, someone has discovered it before you do.

Check this recipe out:

Merry Christmas!

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