On German Car Problems, Furiously

We have a Volkswagen Passat.

We’re frustrated. Here’s the Yelp review for Emich Volskwagen in Denver that I haven’t posted yet:

My review is for the Service Department.

I’m thoroughly frustrated with the experience we’ve had here. Our Passat has had its water pump replaced here twice – only to break again recently. Our mechanic (not at this dealership) told us he’d replace it, but he’d rather us bring it back here since the part should have a warranty on it.
We brought it back – there was a twelve month warranty but we were four days past the twelve month mark. We asked if they’d see if there was any way they could replace the part.
They called us back and told us that there was nothing wrong with the car. Lance was incredibly rude to me while I was asking questions about the cooling system. I asked if he’d please see if there was any way they could still replace the part, as I’ve had the car overheat with children in the backseat and I don’t feel comfortable driving the car.
He called me back and left a voice message, which I returned a minute later. I left a voice message. My call was never returned.
I called back and was informed that Volkwagen won’t replace the water pump due to an oil leak that’s somehow caused the water pump to malfunction. (Far cry from nothing wrong with the vehicle, eh?) This was the first time I had heard of any oil leak, and called my mechanic to verify. We’d taken the car straight from my mechanic to Emich, so he’s knowledgeable about the car and its current issues. He told me that there had never been an oil leak and that he had never heard of an oil leak affecting the function of a water pump. He also told me that during his own testing of the system, he’d been unable to get it to leak — but kept trying, and all of a sudden, it started pouring water. He agreed with me that the water pump needs to be replaced.
I’ve left another message for the head of the service department, but have had no response.
I’m beyond furious. They had the gall to offer me a quote for services related to ascertaining the source of an oil leak we didn’t have prior to bringing the car here, and also offered to give me a price quote for fixing the water pump, which was four days past the warranty period. I will never buy another Volkswagen again, nor will I ever recommend this dealership to anyone. Their attention to their customers is appalling and I won’t trust them to do any work, particularly since it doesn’t see to hold up on the road.
We still haven’t reached a resolution, and while I’m hesitant to post this review since they still have my car – god only knows how many leaks it will have when I get it back – I’d like to offer this up as a cautionary tale to anyone considering trusting them with their vehicle.

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