On the Colorado Cake, Gloatingly

One thing I have really started to enjoy immensely is cake decorating. I’m getting a lot better at it, too.

We get a lot of special orders that need to be made, and since we no longer have a cake decorator on staff, it falls to either myself or the owner to handle them. I used to panic about the cakes that require absolute precision about placement or tracing, but I realize that when I put my mind to it, I’m not half bad at all.

One of my best cakes is a cake modeled after the Minecraft game that so many elementary school kids are playing. My first attempt at it was passable, but not accurate, so I went home and had boyfriend get the game for me so I could play it to understand it. I did. And now, I have a really complicated system that produces an absolutely fantastic cake that the little kids enjoy. It’s all pixellated green frosting on the top (I start with a traced grid and fill each square with either white or green frosting. Once it’s frozen, I lay the frosting on the cake and then air brush the white frosting several different shades of green. It’s textured and really neat looking) and brown and the sides. I’ll write on it, usually in red. That way, I’m avoiding any sort of copyright issues but also making a seriously awesome cake.

This week, my friend Shelby and I had a little bet. We both made Colorado-themed cakes, and whichever one sold first would win dinner!

Mine sold last night, 48 hours after being made. I was thrilled. The man buying the cake was very confused. My co-worker explained to him that this was a very important bet and that he’d just made me night. The man laughed. Hopefully, they enjoy it.

My cake:

(It’s not as dark in real life. Next time, I’ll make the black lines thinner and the C won’t have 3D frosting on it.)

colorado, cake, flag, skyline, mountains



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